Hidayah Centre Foundation (HCFPP) is a certified islamic centre from the Department of Islamic Affairs Penang State (JHEAIPP) and you could register your reversion to Islam with us.

Here are 6 easy steps to register as muslim:

1) Contact Hidayah Centre Foundation’s staff for an appointment date.

2) Bring a valid Identity Card (IC) or Passport, four passport-size photographs, two witnesses (Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above) and a copy of the bank statement. (If you have no photos or witnesses, the HCFPP will help prepare them).

3) Before registering for reversion to Islam, our staff will explain the basic of Islam and the criteria for a person to become a Muslim. You can ask any questions to our staff throughout the explanation process. After you accept the explanation and are ready to become a Muslim, we will help you pronounce the Shahadah. (Confession of your faith and acceptance of becoming a Muslim).

4) After completing the Shahadah process and filling out the registration form, we will inform the Department of Islamic Affairs Penang State (JHEAIPP) for your reversion to Islam.

5) Department of Islamic Affairs Penang State (JHEAIPP) will contact you to determine the date of the Fardu Ain Basic Guidance Course (BAFA). This course is mandatory to enable you to get your Islamic card. The course runs for 3 days and 2 nights.

6) Department of Islamic Affairs Penang State (JHEAIPP) will issue your Islamic card as soon as you finish the course.

What are you waiting for, you can call the number listed: 012-5503272.

– Our office is far from your place?
– I have no friends to be a witness?
– I don’t know how to pronounce shahadah?
Don’t worry, we will try to help you as best we can.

Spread it to those who want to know about Islam or are interested in becoming a Muslim..




通过 ??????? ?????? ?????????? ????? ?????? (?????) 注册为穆斯林的 ? 个简单步骤

Hidayah Centre Foundation (HCFPP) 是槟州伊斯兰事务局 (JHEAIPP) 认证的回教中心,您可以向我们登记成为回教徒。

以下是注册成为穆斯林的 6 个简单步骤:

1) 联系HCFPP工作人员预约日期。

2) 带上有效的身份证(IC)或护照,四张护照尺寸的照片,两名证人(18岁及以上的马来西亚公民)和一份银行结单副本。 (如果您没有照片或证人,HCFPP 会帮您准备)

3) 登记前,我们的工作人员会讲解回教的基本知识和成为回教徒的标准。 在整个讲解过程中,您可以向我们的工作人员提出任何问题。 在那之后,我们将帮助您宣读清真言。 (承认你的信仰并接受成为穆斯林)

4) 完成清真言程序并填写登记表后,我们将通知槟州伊斯兰事务局(JHEAIPP)让您皈依伊斯兰教。

5) JHEAIPP 将与您联系以确定 Fardu Ain 基础指导课程 (BAFA) 的日期。 本课程是必修的,以便您能够获得伊斯兰卡。 课程为期三天两夜。

6) JHEAIPP 将在您完成课程后立即为您发放伊斯兰卡。还等什么,可以拨打以下号码:012-5503272.

– 我们的办公室离你家远吗?
– 我没有朋友可以作证该怎么办呢?
– 我不知道该如何说清真言 (shahadah)?



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