For Selangor residents who would like to embrace Islam and register your conversion with Selangor State Islamic Religious Council (MAIS), you may now do so thru Hidayah Centre Foundation (HCF). Here are 5 simple steps to register your conversion :

1) Visit Hidayah Centre Foundation’s office in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.

2) Bring along your Identification (IC or Passport), 3 passport-size photos and two witnesses (witness has to be male, muslim and aged 18 or above)

3) Our friendly and welcoming staffs will briefly explain to you about the basic foundations of Islam, and the requirements for a person to become a muslim. You may also ask any questions related throughout the process.

After the explanation is understood and you agree and convinced to accept Islam, we will guide your through the Shahadah process i.e. testifying your belief and acceptance of Islam

4) Upon completion of shahadah, we will register your conversion with Selangor State Islamic Religious Council (MAIS).

5) MAIS will issue documents (card and letter) of your conversion. You may collect the documents at our office within 2 weeks times at most.

There you have it! 5 easy steps to embrace Islam in Selangor via Hidayah Centre Foundation. For any inquiries
and appointment call or whatsapp us on the following number : 019-3533177 (Noli), & 011-24025934 (Faiq – Whatsapp only).

– The office is too far from my place. Can i meet your representatives somewhere else? 
– I don’t have muslim friends to become my witness. Can I still register my conversion? 
– I don’t know how to pronounce syahadah correctly, will there be someone guiding me through the process?

If youre worried about these questions and others, dont hesitate to call or whatsapp our friendly staffs. We will assist you in any way we can to ease the process.

Spread the word to others, especially your friend whom are interested in Islam.


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